Organisations and businesses are waking up to the power of eLearning,

From charities to multi-national companies more and more organisations are using eLearning to train up their staff or to reach their core audience in a more efficient way.

eLearning has a huge amount of benefits. It’s 60% more economically efficient than face to face training and takes up to 70% less time to complete.

However eLearning makes many companies nervous. Worried about the start up costs and worried that they may not get the expert support they need after the course goes live.

Traditional eLearning companies offer a simple service. You pay them for their expertise and they create a course – there the relationship ends.

Here at Immersive Education we do things a little differently, we’re turning the eLearning landscape on its head. We’re all about producing long lasting partnerships that offer much lower start up costs to organisations and long lasting, high quality support.

So if you’re interested in eLearning but want to both reduce your start up costs by up to two thirds and want the peace of mind of knowing support is a click away check out our ground breaking eCoach and eLearning club approach .



How we can help:


e-Learning Club

If you’re put off by the potential start up costs of eLearning then this approach could be for you. By spreading the cost of the project over 4-6 years you can benefit from first year costs that are up to two thirds less than through a traditional approach.

Not only that but you’ll benefit from customer service and support throughout the life of the project.



e-Coach is a partnership approach to eLearning. It sees organisation who think that they have a strong and sellable idea for eLearning working in partnership with IE to  sell eLearning content to a global audience, creating a new income stream.

This approach sees the cost of eLearning provision reduced by around 50% while business development experts will help create a sales strategy and a whole new income stream.


If the above approaches don't tickle your fancy then we can also offer a traditional approach to eLearning provision. Simply get in touch with us on the contact us page to get more information.

So whatever your needs get intouch with us today and we can for aN ELEARNING PROJECT CHAT