Our bespoke eLearning solutions are customised and branded to to fit perfectly with your organisation's training needs.

Our innovative solutions use the latest eLearning software and active learning techniques to improve the efficiency of training and reporting of success.


What we can offer

Bespoke elearning

We can create custom eLearning written especially for your company or organisation and your learners, using real life examples to help ensure learners are at the centre of their learning.

Content writing

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating your eLearning? Writing online training can be tricky. It needs to be focused on an organisations needs but engaging enough, with a strong enough narrative thread to keep learners engaged during their training journey. We can take your training PowerPoints and turn them into online courses, complete with tracked assignments, quizzes and interactive content.

Virtual learning environments

We can create a full VLE for your organisation, complete with fully tracked eLearning modules, training videos, shareable resource, webinar space, notice boards and links to face to face training to ensure your organisation has a truly blended training approach.

Compliance eLearning

We can help with your compliance training, including equality & diversity, health & safety and more.

Learning is stronger when it matters, when the abstract is made concrete and personal and the learner becomes central within a relevant learning journey.